'I'm Much Successful Online': Personal Trainers adapt to lockdown routine

When the coronavirus lockdown was announced, so many fitness trainers thought their business as a personal trainer would never recover. The Stay Fitness is the best way to get your training and clients online with Online Personal Training App.

Personal trainers who taught from gyms have struggled in the months of compulsory closure, and are scrambling to find new business models in case clients do not return next week. Not all say the move to online sessions has been successful. Online Personal training is easy and flexible.

But so successful has personal trainer’s transition to online training been, with their client base expanding, that the announcement of gyms reopening news they spent months longing to hear – is almost irrelevant to them.

“I’m more successful as an online personal trainer than when I spent hours crisscrossing London, visiting offices and gyms,” “I now teach people across the UK and the world – I have clients in New Zealand and New York.” – says Irina Allport.

“Time differences allowing, a coach can teach clients whenever they have a slot in their diary – which means they’re not limited to the old ‘before work, lunchtime, after work’ slot,” “It’s quicker, flexible and more convenient for clients too: working and training from home means they don’t have to do the whole time-consuming routine of changing clothes and showering to get office-ready again after a workout.”

Personal Trainers should have moved their business online as soon as the pandemic hit. “There were so many big names posting free workouts online,” “Also, at the start of lockdown people either couldn’t or understandably wouldn’t, spend money on extras like personal training.”

But gradually, online business took off. The Stay Fitness provides the best app for Online Personal Trainers to get their business online and Stay Fit from home, the return of old clients, and relentless online marketing, she now sees more people than before lockdown.

Trainers even have clients who have continued their gym workout training on holiday. “Recently, a client went to Europe for a week and we just continued our sessions,” a personal trainer shared their experience. “When you’re teaching online, geography is irrelevant. It’s amazing: what seemed in March like the end of my career as a personal trainer has ended up being probably the best thing that could have happened to it.”

“Even clients who might have been reluctant to do anything online before, because they’re not tech-savvy, quickly realized that online training has almost more positives than negatives.

“When clients do virtual training, they can do it whenever suits them across the day. Clients also have a level of privacy they really like and geography isn’t an issue. Their business has grown as a direct result of lockdown.”